Community Artisan Art Studios

Community artisan art studios are art studios for those well-knitted communities that care about uplifting everyone as much as possible. They try by all means to provide affordable classes for everyone so that they can get as many people as possible to join. Their primary goal is to equip the less fortunate with tools that will advance their careers. These community art studios are usually put in place by people that see all the hurt and pain in their neighborhoods. A lot of the founders hope to add a bit of hope to the community and to give people something to look forward to.

Summer of Lush Gift

Summer Of Lush gift is a community artisan studio that is run by an art teacher (Pauline Stanley). She is aided by a group of artists who have experience with mental health issues. This community artisan art studio was created to help people in the community who suffer from all forms of mental health. Pauline and the rest of the team also hoped to offer people with mental illness as well as learning disabilities a safe space to express themselves through art. They believe that providing daily art activities benefits the artists both mentally and physically.

The studio has beautiful decorations that are put up on the walls, with most of the artwork coming from previous students. Some artisan artists do graphics and design work for online gambling sites such as Unibet PA and many others. Some of the work that is put up includes photography, tie and dye material, lino cutting, and felting. The studio offers a peer to peer system to help some of the artists work better as well as to have someone to talk to about any issue that might affect them. They also have free-flowing conversations in the studio as they work. There is no doubt that such an environment is therapeutic and helps bring out the creative juices.

The studio also has a social support worker to help people who come there and need help. Pauline says that their programs do not have time limits because people do not recover in the space of six weeks from their trauma, they recover when it is their time. It is for this reason that these sessions are flexible and people can go there as often and as long as they want. Her degree in Fine Art, as well as her previous work experience with mental issues, puts her in a unique position to help people as well as to impart her knowledge on others. She states that art is often seen as a luxury, but that is wrong because it should be part of everyone’s daily life. It should be made available to all because of its ability to help people forget about their problems and focus on something beautiful.