Spier Artisan Studios

Spier is a winemaking company based in Stellenbosch, South Africa. This company dates back to 1692 and is well known for having one of the oldest wine farms and perhaps some of the best wines in the Western Cape. They are also well known for their love of history, nature, and their promotion of artisan art.

What They Do

Spier has artisan studios in Stellenbosch as well as the famous Cape Town. The artists who work in these studios mostly deal with mosaic ceramics. They often partner up with visual artists to create beautifully crafted pieces. The artisan art studio, which is airy and light-filled, allows the public to interact with the artists as they work. The artisans perform their magic in the studios where the public can see. This process allows the public to be part of the experience and fall in love more with the pieces. When the pieces are completed, they are displayed in the studio for all to see and for those with a good eye for art to buy and add to their collection.

The Spier Artisan Studios are not for profit studios, which means they are more focused on the creation of art as well as to provide upcoming artists with a platform to showcase their work as well as to kick start their careers. Spier put in place a Trust for Art to ensure that aspiring fine arts students get the right support they need to see their career to the next level. The trust generates shared value for art between the artists and the buyers. The trust curates art portfolios and often hosts visual arts projects.

Spier also holds a patronage program for its students. This program is open to students who are considered to be exceptional. Spier believes that this patronage program, which goes on for about four to five years, allow the students to benefit greatly from a supportive patron. Some of the notable people who went through this program are Berco Wilsenach, who is the creator of “The Blind Astronomer,” Liza Grobler, Paul Emmanuel, Wim Botha, and Tamlin Blake.