Support For Artists

Artisan art studios take a holistic approach to their art as well as their valuable team players that provide it. They do not prioritize money or sales, and so this leaves room for artists to push the boundaries and do experimental work that they would normally be afraid to do. When an artist is free to express themselves, and they are given the right platform, they can create exquisite art pieces. It is for this reason, amongst others, that these art studios are on the rise and why a lot of young people opt to go and work there.

The Workspace

Most artisan art studios are airy and full of light. They also have ample space for the artists to work and move around, plus they share their workspace with other artists. This not only makes them focus, but it also allows the artists to share ideas, a few pointers as well as encouragement.


Art is something personal, something that flows through our veins and something that we need to reach deep inside ourselves to get it. It is for this reason that artists can not just take theoretical classes and expect to be masters at their craft. Artists need a firm and guiding hand every step of the journey for them to fully tap into their potential.

A lot of artisan art studios offer apprenticeships to students that work with various art forms such as clay, glass, ceramic, beads, copper wires, sculptures as well as art on canvas. A great example of an apprenticeship that seeks to fully empower artists is the Spier Arts Academy in Cape Town. The apprenticeship program is a long one that lasts up to three years, and some fortunate graduates have been granted 12 months free space in the studio to allow them the get set up and make something of themselves without having to worry about finances. What makes this program truly great is that the graduates not only get involved with mastering their craft, but they also get valuable tips on how to run a business such as invoicing, costing, and establishing long and lucrative partnerships with other artists.

Other Forms of Support for Artists

Other communities around the world also provide support for artisan artists. They understand the value of molding peoples gifts as well as giving them a purpose to live. Some of these support groups might not be as rich as other foundations, but what they lack in money they make up for in love and care.

There are a few community studios that offer artisan art classes to people of all ages as well as different levels of skill. These classes are meant to help people discover their talents and for some to start new and exciting hobbies. These community classes also help those artists that have raw ability but can not afford to go to college or art school. The community studios help to empower those facing financial difficulties by teaching them how to create different forms of artwork to feed the family. These initiatives also help to keep children off the streets and to steer them away from a life of crime. They also help to bring communities together. Most forms of art done in these studios include pottery, sculpting, painting, ceramics, mosaics as well as glass.