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Art is a very beautiful thing. It is an extension of one’s words, feelings and thought without using words. Art appeals to all of us because it catches our eyes and tells us a story that is tailor-made to each and every one of us. The great Pablo Picasso once said, “Art washes away the dust of everyday life.” Although these inspiring words were spoken a long time ago, they still hold meaning in the present day.

Art, when used right can heal the world and bring peace to people. A Japanese painter, for example, can create a very exquisite piece and this piece can be interpreted and understood by a Sudanese person. Similarly, another artist could also do another painting or drawing without a lot of detail, and yet the person viewing it can understand both what is depicted as well as that which was left out. This is because art, unlike language, can be universally understood by all. It can bring people together and tell a story that would normally fit in a book with many words. It is for this reason that tourists who travel all over the globe collect art and souvenirs to not only remember there times in those places but also to keep certain words alive.

About The Blog

Old Town Artisan Studio is a blog that deals with anything to do with artisan art. Artisan art studios are great because they help to advance the art. These studios also help to make art affordable as well as accessible to the masses. Profit studios often have art pieces that are priceless. These pieces of art are most of the times created by very famous and well-established artists. The artist’s history, experiences as well as materials used to drive up the prices. As much as these art pieces are great to have to hang in one’s study or on the living room walls, they are only available to those that have deep pockets. The artists themselves have to have great resources in order for them to use the best materials available. This form of art is beautiful but only caters for a certain market as well as certain artists.

Artisan art, on the other hand, is different. It is all about the progression of the artists financially, emotionally and mentally. This form of art seeks to empower each and everyone who has the skill and ability to create art. There is no discrimination when it comes to artisan art as it seeks to give back power to the less fortunate, the blind, physically disabled, abused as well as those that suffer from mental health issues.

What To Look Forward To

This blog seeks to cover the struggle that people got through as well as how artisan art helps them break cycles of poverty, abuse or just lack of creativity. There are a number of community artisan art studios all across the globe. A few notable ones will be featured in some of the articles. One of the reasons why we cover some of these community artisan art studios is because of the great work they are doing to ensure that art stays alive and becomes accessible to everyone.

Some famous artists have likened their art to that of a child. Their reasoning is that children do not really care what people say or think, they just create art the way they see and imagine it. Being able to colour outside of the lines or introduction concepts that are not seen as the norm is when true art is made.

Some of the community artisan art studios use some of these principles to guide them in their quest to create a great space for people to come alive and forget about their problems. Community studios are often not well funded but what they have they try to make sure that is stretches and reaches as many people as possible.

Aspiring exceptional artists can also go to Artisan art studios that offer all the help and resources that they need to embark on this exciting journey. A few notable studios will be mentioned in articles to come. Be sure to check out some of them to find out if they are the perfect fit for you.

Lending a Helping Hand

These studios have mentorship and apprenticeship opportunities for those that show great ability with various art materials. Some of the apprentice programmes last a few years and as much as this might seem a bit long it is very necessary to ensure that once the artist is don they will be an expert. A few artisan art studios offer their graduates with studio space for a limited time to get their career up and running.

As mentioned above, artisan art is very close to our heart. We, therefore, endeavour to cover all aspects of it. This will include training for artists, how ideas are formed, how these ideas are translated into a masterpiece. We will also attempt to cover all aspects of the planning stages as well as all stages of creating the art. We will also cover how artists are inspired and what others do when their inspiration runs out. The materials an artist uses are very important in the message they are trying to portray. We will attempt to cover some of the common materials that artists use, the processes they use as well as those that colour outside the box by using unique materials and processes.

A Few Wise Words

We hope that our page cracks open those walls and brings out the inner artist hidden in each and everyone one of us. We hope that you take that first step and discover your talent or have the strength to pursue that long lost dream. We also hope that you invest a bit more time enjoying the art all around and allowing yourself to be lost in the world of art.

If you have questions, information or suggestions about artisan art, the studios or anything surrounding the subject, do feel free to contact us and share your thoughts and suggestions.